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Nova Magna Moralia / Physics-Ethics-Politics : Neoclassic Concepts for Postmodern Times


Nova Magna Moralia / Physics-Ethics-Politics : Neoclassic Concepts for Postmodern Times

Arnopoulos, Paris (2002) Nova Magna Moralia / Physics-Ethics-Politics : Neoclassic Concepts for Postmodern Times. Skepsis: a journal of philosophy and interdisciplinary research, 13/14 . ISSN 1105-1582

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At the dawn of the third millennium, humanity is increasingly aware that its traditional ethnocentric ethic is inadequate for the task of global sustainability. It is by now apparent that the contradictory requirements of physical nature, modern culture and human nurture, demand an evolving and dynamic homeostasis among all three existential realms.

Under the circumstances, traditional morality may seem too restricted in time and place to suffice in the interdependent and interacting world of the present and future. Yet, it is the fundamental axiom of this paper that updating, enlarging and readapting the classic cannon of ethics as a Modern Macro-Morality (M3) is the best way of resolving some of our planetary problems. In the Emerging Global Order (EGO) of the new millennium, renewed ethics will have to be applied in an ecumenical scale in order to harmonize both the potentiality and responsibility of humanity towards itself and its environment.

Building a holistic ethic can only be done by transcending local particularities and emphasizing global similarities, found in all great philosophies, ideologies and religions. A distillation of the essence of these ideas indicates the shared deontology of our species. These human universals are firmly rooted in the implicate order of things from which they draw their common heritage and to which they eventually return.

The primordial origin of this particular study is classic natural law as the eternal foundation of a renewed cosmopolitan ethic. This latest reinterpretation of ancient wisdom takes into account the recent advances of chaos and quantum theories as they have been worked out by the new paradigm of Sociophysics.

Upon this natural infrastructure, the study here adds the social superstructure to form a physics-ethics-politics (PEP) hypothesis, explicating the relationship among these three crucial variables. The resulting thesis elaborated here is that a New Cosmic Morality would consist of minimal principles of mutual consideration, applied to a maximal extent consistent with political moderation and natural evolution.

The study undertakes to define the concept, develop the process and decide the practice of ethics by posing nine critical questions and proposing their debatable answers. On the basis of this PEP discussion, a reformed theory of ethics could be elaborated eventually to serve the EGO of the new century.

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Arts and Science > Political Science
Item Type:Article
Authors:Arnopoulos, Paris
Journal or Publication:Skepsis: a journal of philosophy and interdisciplinary research
ID Code:983169
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Last Modified:18 Jan 2018 17:56


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