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A Silent Conversation


A Silent Conversation

Raiche, Mylene (2018) A Silent Conversation. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

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I’ve always thought that, as human beings, we have a special connection to textile. It’s the first thing we touch when we’re born except the skin of another human being. We are almost always in contact with it, either to protect ourselves from the elements or because of our social constructs that says we need to hide certain parts of our bodies. It seems to be metaphorical to say that it’s a second skin, but that’s literally what it is if you think that we are the only animal to use the skin of another animal to cover our body 2 It is part of our language with all of its metaphors; part of every rituals from birth to death; part of every moment of our lives. So much so that we don’t realize it, we don’t notice it anymore. It’s part of us.

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Fine Arts > Studio Arts
Item Type:Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)
Authors:Raiche, Mylene
Institution:Concordia University
Degree Name:M.F.A.
Program:Studio Arts
Date:25 October 2018
  • Joyce Melville Memorial Scholarship
Keywords:fiber art, materiality, obsession, intuition, found objects, repetition, handmade, transformation, reuse, repurpose, environment, fossils, scars, sublime, material, land, body
ID Code:984994
Deposited On:04 Apr 2019 14:41
Last Modified:04 Apr 2019 14:41


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