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“Du Carré Rouge aux Casseroles”: A Context for Youth-Adult Partnership in the Québec Student Movement


“Du Carré Rouge aux Casseroles”: A Context for Youth-Adult Partnership in the Québec Student Movement

Blanchet-Cohen, Natasha, Warner, Alan, Di Mambro, Giulietta and Bedeaux, Christophe (2013) “Du Carré Rouge aux Casseroles”: A Context for Youth-Adult Partnership in the Québec Student Movement. International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies, 4 (3.1). pp. 444-463. ISSN (online) 1920-7298

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This article utilizes duoethnography, a collaborative research methodology, to examine the divergent experiences of students and professors in the 2012 Québec student movement. Ignited by the government’s announcement of its intention to increase tuition fees, this youth-led movement caused an unprecedented stirring of ideas, emotions, and actions. Through personal narratives, we identify four aspects of a youth-led movement for social change, and reflect on their meaning in our lives in realizing youth-adult partnerships in the context of emancipatory approaches. They are: (a) the benefit of experiential versus classroom education; (b) the nurturing effect on youth empowerment of providing structures and spaces for youth-led processes; (c) the need to align youth emancipatory theory with practice, especially in systems which regularly resist change; and (d) the unexpectedly powerful impact of youth stereotypes, especially those delivered through mainstream media, and the difficulty of overcoming them. We also identify the value of duoethnography to accentuate youth voices, strengthen adult-youth partnerships, and enrich the transformative learning of both youth and adults.

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Arts and Science > Applied Human Sciences
Concordia University > Research Units > Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies
Item Type:Article
Authors:Blanchet-Cohen, Natasha and Warner, Alan and Di Mambro, Giulietta and Bedeaux, Christophe
Journal or Publication:International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies
Date:August 2013
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies
  • Department of Applied Human Sciences, Concordia University
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Concordia University
Keywords:emancipatory approach, youth-led movement, adult-youth partnership, student
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Deposited On:26 Aug 2013 13:59
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Additional Information:This Special Issue of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies focuses on emancipatory approaches to youth engagement and emerges from a two-day workshop hosted by the Applied Human Sciences Department at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in June 2012. The workshop brought together youth, practitioners, and educators who work with youth in Australia, Finland, the United States, and Canada (including Montreal and other Canadian urban centres) in order to connect around promising practices.


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