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How to Deposit an Article in Spectrum

Spectrum Deposit Checklist

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What do I need to deposit an article in Spectrum?

  • To log into Spectrum, you will need your Concordia Netname (used for logging into My CU Account). If it's your first time using Spectrum, you will need to register.

  • Does the publisher allow authors to deposit a copy of the journal article in a repository?

    Consult SHERPA/RoMEO, a not-for-profit database devoted to keeping an updated record of publisher policies on self-archiving. Librarians and other library staff responsible for Spectrum are available to follow up with you if further information about a publisher's policies need to be obtained. Let us know if you need help: lib-spectrum@concordia.ca

  • Basic information about the journal article OR the DOI of your article

    • Name of journal, name of article, year, volume, issue, abstract, etc.
    • If you know the DOI (digital object identifier) of your article, the deposit will be quicker.
  • A version of the article, depending on what the publisher allows (e.g. your peer-reviewed post-print, the Publisher's PDF, etc.)

What if the journal publisher does not appear in SHERPA/RoMEO?

If you need help, please contact Spectrum editors at lib-spectrum@concordia.ca.

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