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Decision Support Systems for IT Service Management


Decision Support Systems for IT Service Management

Cater-Steel, Aileen, Valverde, Raul, Shrestha, Anup and Toleman, Mark (2016) Decision Support Systems for IT Service Management. International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences . (In Press)

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Group-based Decision and Knowledge Support Systems have the potential to assist Information Technology Service Managers make sound decisions. We use narrative enquiry and reflective processes to review two recent projects that designed decision support tools for IT Service Management. The Software Mediated Process Assessment project includes a group decision support system to enable the selection of processes for assessment. The Decision Support Recommendation System for IT service operation used a knowledge base to provide recommendations specific to a problem domain such as IT service support. From the use of prior literature, rigorous methods and empirical evidence, contributions are made to Information Systems theory and ITSM practice. Outcomes from projects of this nature demonstrate exemplary cases of success stories where the primary research objective is to develop innovative solutions that work in practice and are grounded in academic rigour.

Divisions:Concordia University > John Molson School of Business > Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems
Item Type:Article
Authors:Cater-Steel, Aileen and Valverde, Raul and Shrestha, Anup and Toleman, Mark
Journal or Publication:International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences
Date:1 May 2016
Keywords:Decision Support, IT Service Management, Group-based Decision and Knowledge Support Systems
ID Code:981194
Deposited By: Raul Valverde
Deposited On:03 May 2016 18:28
Last Modified:18 Jan 2018 17:52


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