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Cosmopolitan Universalism: Prolegomena to a future ideology


Cosmopolitan Universalism: Prolegomena to a future ideology

Arnopoulos, Paris (1994) Cosmopolitan Universalism: Prolegomena to a future ideology. Dialogue and Humanism (2-3). pp. 197-214. ISSN 1234-5792

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This paper looks into the recent trends leading towards a renewed world order and proposed some distinct ways to promote it. The contemporary global problematique is symptomatic of a revolutionary period of transition from the modern to the post-modern era. During this time of upheaval and instability, many outdated structures are being dismantled and various innovative systems are being attempted. Only when the winners have been determined and the major choices made, will the new social system settle down into a relative peace once again.

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Item Type:Article
Authors:Arnopoulos, Paris
Journal or Publication:Dialogue and Humanism
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