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Cultural Visions: A Social Theory & Case Study in Future Images of the America-Canada-Quebec Triangle


Cultural Visions: A Social Theory & Case Study in Future Images of the America-Canada-Quebec Triangle

Arnopoulos, Paris (1996) Cultural Visions: A Social Theory & Case Study in Future Images of the America-Canada-Quebec Triangle. Discussion Paper. Concordia University, Montreal. (Unpublished)

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Our conceptual framework here consists of a three-dimensional model intersecting a thesis, process and method. The thesis is that future Images depend on a combination of Natural and Cultural factors. The process follows an Input-Transform-Output continuum, which corresponds to the three chapters of this study. And the method uses a Premise-Inference-Conclusion deduction from general principles to particular conditions, which is repeated in the three sections of each chapter. In this systematic manner, we investigate the Cultural Future Images of the America-Canada Quebec triangle which form the content of our study.

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Arts and Science > Political Science
Item Type:Monograph (Discussion Paper)
Authors:Arnopoulos, Paris
Institution:Concordia University
Date:June 1996
ID Code:983142
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