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Transurbanism: A Study of the Emerging Global Network of International Cities


Transurbanism: A Study of the Emerging Global Network of International Cities

Arnopoulos, Paris (1995) Transurbanism: A Study of the Emerging Global Network of International Cities. Discussion Paper. Concordia University Political Science Monographs, Montreal (QC).

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This study takes a systematic look into the recent transurban phenomenon reflected in a global network of metropolitan centers. Defined as the process by which localized human settlements increase and strengthen their transborder actions and connections; transurbanization seems to be a significant aspect of world evolution. Indeed, our basic hypothesis is that developing a Trans-Urban Network (TUN) of Inter-National Cities (INCs) is a crucial aspect of an Emerging Global Order (EGO) in which national borders are of decreasing importance.

Consequently, the questions posed here are: what is this phenomenon, why has it evolved, and where it may lead? The relevance of this inquiry is evident by the impact of urbanization on both culture and nature. Beyond urbanism lies transurbanism, wherein a plethora of INCs get tied together into a single TUN, independently of their nation-states. It is this global network that characterizes to a large extent the global system dynamics in the New International Cities Era (NICE).

From this viewpoint, it is incontestable that the world is rapidly trans-urbanizing and not merely urbanizing. Presently, its growing urban population -almost half of humanity- is becoming increasingly interconnective and inter-active. This situation creates serious problems, at the same time as if opens new opportunities. In any case, it offers an interesting case for academic study as well as a challenging issue for public policy.

We hereby note the great potential of this phenomenon and will treat it accordingly. To do so, the content is divided into its conceptual, perceptual, and operational aspects. On that basis, the method follows a diagnostic-anagnostic-prognostic algorithm. Together, these two parameters form the accompanying schematic matrix which serves both as a synoptic per-spective and a table of contents for this study.

Accordingly, the paper is divided into three chapters dealing with the corresponding steps of the above analytic sequence. Each of the chapters is itself divided into three sections covering its substantive scope. Although, the necessary comparative data for a complete quantitative analysis is inadequate, enough sectoral information is available to justify an exemplary case study.

As a result, we have undertaken a survey of the international transurban airlanes (ITA) connecting INCs by providing channels through which people (energy), freight (matter) and mail (information) flow around the world. Because of their growing importance, ITA connections provide the best International City Index (ICI) for TUN. Therefore, each chapter is completed by running through the ITA case study in its three methodological (diagnistic-anagnostic-prognostic) phases.

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Authors:Arnopoulos, Paris
Institution:Concordia University
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