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The Theory and Praxis of War and Peace in the Thucydidian Era: 450-400 BC*


The Theory and Praxis of War and Peace in the Thucydidian Era: 450-400 BC*

Arnopoulos, Paris (1998) The Theory and Praxis of War and Peace in the Thucydidian Era: 450-400 BC*. Études Helléniques / Hellenic Studies, 6 (2). pp. 23-52. ISSN 0824-8621

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This articles presents the salient exopolitical ideas and acts of the Greeks in their Golden Age at the latter half of the fifth century. In order to put this particular place and time in its proper general perspective, this study juxta­poses the relevant theories and practices involved in the great events which shook the epicenter of the ancient world.

At that time, the defining activity of inter-city-state relations was the Peloponnesian War as recorded in the monumental History of Thucydides. This work, together with those of other great thinkers of that fateful era give us an idea of the perrenial dilemma between patriotism and national­ism, as well as idealism and realism. The working hypothesis here is that these issues may be discussed and resolved dialectically, so that their result­ing synthesis explains many classic and current contradictions in macropoli­tics.

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Authors:Arnopoulos, Paris
Journal or Publication:Études Helléniques / Hellenic Studies
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