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Experimental Study of Wind Effects on Unglazed Transpired Collectors


Experimental Study of Wind Effects on Unglazed Transpired Collectors

Vasan, Neetha (2012) Experimental Study of Wind Effects on Unglazed Transpired Collectors. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

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Unglazed transpired collectors (UTC) are one of the most efficient solar heating technologies available today. High wind velocity affects the performance of UTC; indeed, wind flow on the collector’s surface reduces useful heat transferred to the collector fluid by effecting convective heat losses and suction in the pores and thereby outflow from the plenum. Wind does not impinge uniformly on all points on a large area; the velocity distribution depends on wind direction and surroundings.
This thesis presents an experimental study in the Building Aerodynamics Laboratory at Concordia University and an analytical parametric study to assess the effect of wind velocity distribution on UTCs under the influence of approach wind direction and surrounding structures. Velocity measurements from wind tunnel experiments were applied to analytical models of UTC performance evaluation. The common assumption, in UTC analysis, that a reference wind velocity acts uniformly over the UTC surface, as opposed to the more realistic non-uniform distribution, has been shown to underestimate the values of convective heat loss coefficients. The study, when applied to the context of the JMSB solar-wall, indicated a reduction of thermal efficiency by 20 percentage points due to wind. Influence of surroundings on wind flow around the JMSB building has been evaluated. The study casts light on the importance of using actual velocity distributions in UTC analysis.

Divisions:Concordia University > Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science > Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Authors:Vasan, Neetha
Institution:Concordia University
Degree Name:M.A. Sc.
Program:Building Engineering
Date:20 December 2012
Thesis Supervisor(s):Stathopoulos, Theodore
Keywords:wind tunnel, unglazed transpired collectors, convective heat transfer
ID Code:975080
Deposited By: NEETHA VASAN
Deposited On:05 Jun 2013 15:40
Last Modified:18 Jan 2018 17:39
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