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Polymyxin B is an inhibitor of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the whole animal model. Studies on the mode of inhibitory action


Polymyxin B is an inhibitor of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the whole animal model. Studies on the mode of inhibitory action

Amir, Shimon ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1919-5023, Sasson, Shlomo, Kaiser, Nurit, Meyerovitch, Joseph and Shechter, Yoram (1987) Polymyxin B is an inhibitor of insulin-induced hypoglycemia in the whole animal model. Studies on the mode of inhibitory action. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 262 (14). pp. 6663-6667.

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The cyclic decapeptide, polymyxin B (PMXB), was found to inhibit hypoglycemia in mice receiving exogenous insulin (Amir, S., and Shechter, Y. (1985) Eur. J. Pharmacol. 110, 283-285). In this study, we have extended this observation to rats. Insulin-dependent hypoglycemia in rats is efficiently blocked at a 12:1 molar ratio of PMXB to insulin. This effect is highly specific, as it could not be mimicked by a variety of antibiotics or positively charged substances. Chemical modifications of PMXB have revealed that the ring structure, rather than the tail structure, is important for anti-insulin-like activity. Colistin A, which differs from PMXB by one conservative amino acid substitution in the ring structure, is devoid of this activity. Polymyxin B does not interact with insulin, nor does it alter the rate of insulin absorption and/or degradation, or the ability of insulin to bind to target tissues. This peptide inhibits hypoglycemia by blocking insulin-dependent activation of the hexose transport mechanism, as deduced by in vitro studies. The effect of insulin in stimulating hexose uptake (and subsequent glucose metabolism) in both isolated muscle tissue and adipocytes is blocked with little or no effect on the basal activities of these processes. Colistin A has no significant inhibiting effect. Other insulin-dependent activities, such as inhibition of lipolysis in adipocytes or synthesis of DNA in muscle cells, are not inhibited. It is concluded that PMXB inhibits, in a highly specific manner, the action of insulin in stimulating hexose transport and subsequent glucose metabolism, both in vitro and in the whole animal model.

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Arts and Science > Psychology
Item Type:Article
Authors:Amir, Shimon and Sasson, Shlomo and Kaiser, Nurit and Meyerovitch, Joseph and Shechter, Yoram
Journal or Publication:The Journal of Biological Chemistry
Date:15 May 1987
ID Code:983740
Deposited On:13 Apr 2018 14:41
Last Modified:13 Apr 2018 14:41


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