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Optical Characterization of Plasmonic Anisotropic Nanostructures by Modeling and Spectroscopic Verification


Optical Characterization of Plasmonic Anisotropic Nanostructures by Modeling and Spectroscopic Verification

Stoenescu, Stefan (2013) Optical Characterization of Plasmonic Anisotropic Nanostructures by Modeling and Spectroscopic Verification. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

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This thesis attempts to characterize the optical properties of plasmonic anisotropic nanostructures through modeling and verification. Two nanostructures with important applications are selected for characterization. First, uniaxially aligned gold nanorods (AuNRs) embedded in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) films are realized by determining suitable heating conditions during stretching, using PVA of high molecular weight mixed with plasticizer to improve the plastic deformability, and stretching the composite film. A high stretch ratio of seven is attained and the induced alignment of the rods is quantified statistically by an order parameter of 0.92 and an average angle of 3.5°. The stretched composite film is shown to have dichroic optical properties, which confirmed the good alignment. Since the statistical quantification requires destructive examinations, a novel non-destructive method is developed based on a probabilistic approach, computational simulations, and spectrometric measurements. The new method yields results in agreement with the statistical method and applies to all dichroic particles. The second nanostructure is a gold nanostar (AuNS) – polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) composite platform. This nanostructure is characterized by using a typical AuNS of average dimensions and idealized as consisting of a sphere and radially oriented truncated cones representing its core and branches. Using branches defined parametrically by their number, length, aperture angle and orientation, and gradually attaching branches to a core, their ensemble spectra of increasing complexity are simulated. The absorptive contribution of each component is analyzed, demonstrating the large tunability of the AuNS and allowing for finding the most effective way to tune its fundamental resonant excitation. Using plasmon hybridization theory, the plasmonic interaction between structural elements is demonstrated in three different geometries.

Divisions:Concordia University > Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science > Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Authors:Stoenescu, Stefan
Institution:Concordia University
Degree Name:Ph. D.
Program:Mechanical Engineering
Date:December 2013
Thesis Supervisor(s):Packirisamy, Muthukumaran and Truong, Vo-Van
Keywords:Aligned nanorods, non-destructive quantification of alignment, gold nanorod - polymer composite film, FDTD absorbance simulation, gold nanostars absorbaance simulation
ID Code:978213
Deposited On:16 Jun 2014 13:49
Last Modified:18 Jan 2018 17:46



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