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Adult Sweetness


Adult Sweetness

Cheung, Joni Man-Yi (Snack Witch) (2023) Adult Sweetness. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

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GRAND OPENING on the eve of 清明節 Qingming Festival,

Adult Sweetness is a love letter, invitation, gesture of remembrance, and an offering to Cheung’s ancestors—past and future...

Munch, crunch, and chewewew on a body of work that’s






Freshly squeezed from experiences of a Hong Kong-Chinese diasporic child growing up tirelessly grasping at their language ∴ culture.

Nothing quite tastes like slowly distilled homesickness. ⚗️

Divisions:Concordia University > Faculty of Fine Arts > Studio Arts
Item Type:Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)
Authors:Cheung, Joni Man-Yi (Snack Witch)
Institution:Concordia University
Degree Name:M.F.A.
Program:Studio Arts
Date:April 2023
Thesis Supervisor(s):Oppenheimer, Dr. Maya Rae
Keywords:Transnationalism, Migration, Diaspora, Chinese, Hong Kong, Canada, Chinese-Canadian, Identity, Place, Language, Food, Community, Adult Sweetness, Bittersweetness, Nostalgia, Humour, Play, Humor, Fun, Tension, Poem, Poetry, Prose, Coming-of-Age, Growing up, Memories, Smells, Objects, Montréal , Vancouver, Autotheory, Experimental text, COVID, Digital, Digital and IRL lives, Culture, Knowledge, Family, Relations, Online communication, Social media, Sharing platforms, Archive, Archives, Collaboration, Building community, Networks, Snack Witch
ID Code:992912
Deposited By: Joni Man-Yi Cheung
Deposited On:12 Oct 2023 20:20
Last Modified:12 Oct 2023 20:20
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