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Tang-Yuk, K.C., Mi, X.C., Lee, J.H.S., Ng, H.D. and Deiterding, R. (2022) Transmission of a detonation wave across an inert layer. Combustion and Flame, 236 (111769). ISSN 1556-2921

Tang-Yuk, K.C., Lee, J.H.S., Ng, H.D., Deiterding, R. and Mi, X.C. (2022) The re-initiation of cellular detonations downstream of an inert layer. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute . ISSN 1540-7489 (In Press)

Zhang, D., Yuan, X.Q., Liu, S., Cai, X., Peng, H., Deiterding, R. and Ng, H.D. (2021) Numerical study of detonation wave propagation modes in annular channels. AIP Advances, 11 (085203). ISSN 2158-3226

Yan, C., Teng, H.H. and Ng, H.D. (2021) Effects of slot injection on detonation wavelet characteristics in a rotating detonation engine. Acta Astronautica, 182 . pp. 274-285. ISSN 0094-5765

Yuan, X.Q., Yan, C., Zhou, J. and Ng, H.D. (2021) Computational study of gaseous cellular detonation diffraction and re-initiation by small obstacle induced perturbations. Physics of Fluids, 33 (4).

Ren, T., Yan, Y., Lee, J.H.S., Ng, H.D., Zhang, Q. and Shang, C. (2021) Velocity fluctuation and cellular structure of near-limit detonations in rough tubes. Fuel, 289 (119909). ISSN 0016-2361

Sultana, A., Kwok, T.H. and Ng, H.D. (2021) Numerical assessment of directional energy performance for 3D printed midsole structures. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 18 (4). pp. 4429-4449.

Zhou, L., Teng, H.H., Ng, H.D., Yang, P.F. and Jiang, Z.L. (2021) Reconstructing shock front of unstable detonations based on multi-layer perceptron. Acta Mechanica Sinica, 37 . pp. 1610-1623.

Yuan, X.Q., Zhou, J., Mi, X.C. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Model for triple-point trajectory of shock reflection over cylindrical concave wedge. AIAA Journal, 58 . pp. 2770-2775.

Wang, K.L., Teng, H.H., Yang, P.F. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Numerical investigation of flow structures resulting from the interaction between an oblique detonation wave and an upper expansion corner. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 903 (A28). pp. 1-17.

Ren, T., Yan, Y., Zhao, H., Lee, J.H.S. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Propagation of near-limit gaseous detonations in rough walled tubes. Shock Waves, 30 . pp. 769-780.

Chang, X., Zhang, B., Ng, H.D. and Bai, C. (2020) The effects of pre-ignition turbulence by gas jets on the explosion behavior of methane-oxygen mixtures. Fuel, 277 (118190). ISSN 0016-2361

Cao, W., Gao, D., Ng, H.D. and Lee, J.H.S. (2019) Experimental Investigation of Near-limit Gaseous Detonations in Small Diameter Spiral Tubing. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 . pp. 3555-3563. ISSN 1540-7489

Xu, H., Mi, X.C., Kiyanda, C.B., Ng, H.D., Lee, J.H.S. and Yao, C. (2019) The role of cellular instability on the critical tube diameter problem for unstable gaseous detonations. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 . pp. 3545-3553. ISSN 1540-7489

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