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Items where Division is "Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering" and Year is 2020

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Allard, Marc Alexandre (2020) Performance and Wake Analysis of a Darrieus Wind Turbine on the Roof of a Building using CFD. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Ansari, Mohd Safwan Ahmad Mohd Ibrahim (2020) Hybrid Statistical and Deep Learning Models for Diagnosis and Prognosis in Manufacturing Systems. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Babiker, Ibrahim (2020) Dandelion Weed Detection and Recognition for a Weed Removal Robot. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Beheshti Kisomi, Alireza (2020) Analytical and Experimental Analyses of Isotropic and Anisotropic Magnetoactive Elastomers. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Belhaj, Muhsan Milad (2020) Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of out-of-plane Wrinkle Formation during Steering in Automated Fiber Placement. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

baadi, ashkan (2020) Laser Remelting of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings Deposited by Suspension Plasma Spraying. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Carboni, Massimo (2020) Elastic Tensile Properties of Uncured Towpreg Composite Materials: Experiment and Modelling. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Casilimas, Christiaan (2020) A simulation study of capacity utilization in a third-party logistics provider warehouse. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Chang, X., Zhang, B., Ng, H.D. and Bai, C. (2020) The effects of pre-ignition turbulence by gas jets on the explosion behavior of methane-oxygen mixtures. Fuel, 277 (118190). ISSN 0016-2361


Di Labbio, Giuseppe, Ait Abderrahmane, Hamid, Fayed, Mohamed and Ng, Hoi Dick (2020) Transitions between systems of satellite vortices in a rotating fluid. Physics of Fluids, 32 (101701).

Dodangeh, Ali (2020) Tackiness characterization of thermoset prepreg materials. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Fang, Guoxin, Matte, Christopher-Denny, Scharff, Rob B. N., Kwok, Tsz-Ho and Wang, Charlie C. L. (2020) Kinematics of Soft Robots by Geometric Computing. IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 36 (4). pp. 1272-1286.

Fang, Xiaoyi (2020) A Discrete and Hybrid Approach to Predicting Diametrical Errors in Slender Shaft Turning. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Farahdel, Sarah (2020) A Visual Performance Management Framework to Improve Decision Making using Lean Six Sigma. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Farhang Aghyari, Nima (2020) Experimental Investigation of Vortex Solitons Transition and New Previously Unapproachable Kelvin Equilibria. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Fayed, Eslam Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed (2020) Influence of Thermal Post-Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of the Additively Manufactured Inconel 718 Superalloy using the Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


Ghasemi, Ahmad (2020) Enhanced Image-Based Visual Servoing Dealing with Uncertainties. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Ghodsi, SeyedehNegar (2020) Application of Condition-based Maintenance in Control of a Supply Chain Network under Stochastic Disruption. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Haghi, Maryam (2020) Integrated Scheduling Problems in Healthcare and Logistics. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

He, Tong (2020) UAS Flight Path Planning and Collision Avoidance Based on Markov Decision Process. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Hemmati, Maryam (2020) A submodular representation for hub networkdesign problems with profits and single assignments. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Himmiche, Sara (2020) Comparative study of neural network-based models for fatigue crack growth predictions of small cracks. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Hooshangitabrizi, Pedram (2020) Scheduling, inventory management and production planning: Formulations and solution methods. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Hooshyar Telegraphi, Amirreza ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3081-3868 (2020) Mathematical Models for Designing Integrated Sustainable Manufacturing Systems. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Hosseini, Hiva (2020) Using Fuzzy AHP for Investigating Barriers to the Development of Smart Mobility in Montrèal. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

haghighatjoo, mohammadreza (2020) a numerical investigation of free-fall swirling gas atomization process. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Jadhav, Kunal Dhananjay (2020) Experimental studies of natural convection of carbopol gels in a cavity with differentially heated sidewalls. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Jolaei, Mohammad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9444-5630 (2020) Design, Development and Force Control of a Tendon-driven Steerable Catheter with a Learning-based Approach. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Karimi Nemch, Amirreza (2020) Modeling Diffusion in the Gasification Reaction with Carbon Dioxide: Comparison of Diffusion Models. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Kashfi Ashtiani, Behrad (2020) Development of a Three-Dimensional Suspension Plasma Spray Coating Build-up Model. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Koushki, P., Kwok, Tsz Ho ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7240-1426, Hof, L. and Wuthrich, Rolf (2020) Reinforcing silicone with hemp fiber for additive manufacturing. Composites Science and Technology, 194 . ISSN 02663538

Kumar, Pramod (2020) Dynamic Response of Doubly-Tapered Laminated Composite Beams under Periodic and Non-Periodic Loadings. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Kuruvinashetti, Kirankumar (2020) Arrayed Micro-Photosynthetic Power Cell: Modeling, Testing and Performance Enhancement. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


Lavigne, Max (2020) Towards a 3D printed patient clone: Application to the effect of aortic regurgitation on the flow in the left ventricle. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Li, Pengcheng (2020) Visual Calibration, Identification and Control of 6-RSS Parallel Robots. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Liang, Ruo (2020) Production Planning in Remanufacturing Systems with Uncertain Component Processing Time. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Malaki, Milad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6421-9595 (2020) Engineering design of an adaptive rocking bed for investigating the effects of rocking stimulation sleep. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mirzai Tavana, Sina (2020) Thermal Spray Coating of Carbon Reinforcement Composites for Wear and Erosion Resistance Applications. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mirzai Tavana, Sina (2020) Thermal Spray Coating of Carbon Reinforcement Composites for Wear and Erosion Resistance Applications. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Moghaddass, Mahsa (2020) Inverse Integer Optimization With an Application in Recommender Systems. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammad Mahdi, Nasiri (2020) Investigation of Hollow and Dense Droplet Impact on Solid Surfaces. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammadi Bandari, Naghmeh ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6284-6402 (2020) OPTICAL-BASED TACTILE SENSORS FOR MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERIES: DESIGN, MODELING, FABRICATION AND VALIDATION. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammadi, Sadaf (2020) Particle Image Velocimetry of Suspension Plasma Spray in the Vicinity of a Substrate. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammadian Bajgiran, Morvarid (2020) Effects of Phase Composition and Microstructure on the Dielectric Strength of Thermally Sprayed Alumina Layer in Coating-Based Resistive Heating Systems. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammed, Adham (2020) Large-Scale Modeling and Optimization of Routing, Modulation and Spectrum Assignment Problems in Optical Networks. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mohseni Ardehali, Nader (2020) Hard Magnetorheological Elastomers: Experimental Characterization, Modeling and Application. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mokhtarpour, Keivan (2020) Data-Driven Modelling of Multiphase Flow Systems. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Nair, Ajeesh Suresh (2020) First-ply Failure and Reliability of Composite Tubes Subjected to Axial and Torsional Loadings. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Norouzi, Shahrzad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9185-847X (2020) Flow Characteristics in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms: An in vitro Study. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Oyewunmi, Oyejide Damilola (2020) Development of a Dual-Modal Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Device for the Quantitative and Qualitative Detection of The Total Hardness of Water. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Rasooli, Armin (2020) Fabrication, Characterization and Control of a Novel Magnetorheological Elastomer-based Adaptive Tuned Vibration Absorber. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Ren, T., Yan, Y., Zhao, H., Lee, J.H.S. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Propagation of near-limit gaseous detonations in rough walled tubes. Shock Waves, 30 . pp. 769-780.

Rouhani Esfahani, AmirReza (2020) Portable, Stable, and Sensitive Assay to Detect Phosphate in Water with Gold Nanoparticles and Dextran Tablet. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Sadi, Mohsen (2020) UAV-based Forest Fire Detection and Localization Using Visual and Thermal Cameras. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Salihu, Abdulrazaq Lemu (2020) Impact of on-ground taxiing with electric powered tow-trucks on congestion, cost, and carbon emissions at Montreal-Trudeau international airport. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sarafrazi, Mehrdad (2020) Fracture Mechanics Fatigue Life Assessment of Welded Joints Under Ultrasonic Impact Treatment. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sargordi, Maziar (2020) Flow characteristics downstream of twin pulsed orifice jets: application to mitral valve repair. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sargordi, Maziar, Chtchetinina, Anna, Di Labbio, Giuseppe, Ng, Hoi Dick and Kadem, Lyes (2020) Pulsatile twin parallel jets through a flexible orifice with application to edge-to-edge mitral valve repair. Physics of Fluids, 32 (121702).

Shabanijafroudi, Nima (2020) Buckling and Postbuckling response of laminated composite plates with interlaminar flaws. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Sohrabi Kashani, Ahmad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3673-4132 (2020) Nano-Bio-Interactions on Intracellular Plasmonics and Mechanobiology of Human Cells. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Sultana, Ankhy (2020) Numerical Assessment of Directional Energy Transfer for Geometric Structure. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Vajda, Paul (2020) An Ontological Approach to Autonomous Navigational Decision Making in Aircraft Systems. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Vatandoost, Hossein ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3743-338X (2020) Compression Mode Characterizations of Magnetorheological Elastomers. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Vincent-Boulay, Nicolas (2020) A Neural Network Approach to Aircraft Performance Model Forecasting. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Wang, K.L., Teng, H.H., Yang, P.F. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Numerical investigation of flow structures resulting from the interaction between an oblique detonation wave and an upper expansion corner. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 903 (A28). pp. 1-17.

Wu, Xinyi (2020) Robust Position-based Visual Servoing of Industrial Robots. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Yao, Yumeng (2020) Development of a methodology for integrated performance analyses of anti-vibration gloves for controlling the hand-transmitted vibration. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Yu, Ting (2020) Lean Transformation Frameworks for Hospital Departments. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Yuan, X.Q., Zhou, J., Mi, X.C. and Ng, H.D. (2020) Model for triple-point trajectory of shock reflection over cylindrical concave wedge. AIAA Journal, 58 . pp. 2770-2775.


Zamirian, Ladan (2020) Process Improvement for Plywood Product Manufacturing Using Design of Experiments. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Zhang, Bo, Liu, Hong, Yan, Bingjian and Ng, Hoi Dick (2020) Experimental study of detonation limits in methane-oxygen mixtures: Distinguishing tube scale and initial pressure effects. Fuel, 259 (116220). ISSN 0016-2361

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