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ALzahrani, Ashwag (2016) Risk Optimization for Hybrid Pension Plans with ARMA and GARCH Investment Returns. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Abdellahi, Eliane (2016) L’art-thérapie narrative et queer : une approche anti-oppressive pour les personnes variant en genre. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Aladinskaya, Ekaterina (2016) Working with Life Scripts in Art Therapy with Adults Affected by Complex Trauma. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Aloisio, Anita (2016) The Transmemoric Process: The Journey of Italian-Québécois Artists. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Baba, Noriko (2016) How Can Mosaic Artwork be Used in a Community Art Studio to Assist Posttreatment Cancer Patients to Reconnect with Their Lives? [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (In Press)

Barron, Thomas (2016) The Video Camera: Implications for Its Use Within the Drama Therapy Profession. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Bluethner, Cassandra (2016) Humour and the Therapeutic Alliance in Art Therapy with an Adolescent Population. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Bolton, Alexandra (2016) Using the Hero's Journey and Role Theory Together When Working with Veterans Living with Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Theoretical Analysis. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Corriveau, Julie (2016) The healing benefits of clay in art therapy with early psychosis and schizophrenia spectrum populations. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Dancette-de Bresson, Connie (2016) Dyad art therapy: Birth of a modality. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Epp, Sarah H. (2016) Art Based Inquiry: Exploring Metaphors and Felt Sensations Through the Process of SoulCollage. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Faucher, Anne-Catherine (2016) Art-thérapie, yoga du rire et pleine conscience : pour un projet d’intervention de groupe visant l’expression et la connaissance de soi, et favorisant le bien-être. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Finley, Kristen Rae (2016) Reimagining Attunement: Perspectives on Dyadic and Family Art Therapy. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Gardner, Jessica (2016) Quilting a Connection: The Use of Quilting in Group Art Therapy to Promote Well-Being for Older Women. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Girard-Lauriault, Marie-Pierre (2016) Le deuil après suicide : Comment la relation thérapeutique en danse-thérapie peut-elle informer la pratique de la thérapie par l’art dramatique? [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Goulet Gervais, Lysiane (2016) Témoignage: une exploration du sens donné par des personnes vivant avec la maladie d’Alzheimer à leur participation à un groupe d’art-thérapie. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Hashem, Reem (2016) Mindfulness Informed Developmental Transformations: Working With Children Who Have Been Physically Abused. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Henry, Magali (2016) Mother's experience in prison: Finding meaning through weaving and words. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Huddart, Laura (2016) Fostering Creative Capacity for Youth Living Homeless Through Their Engagement with Community-Based Arts Organizations. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Jemelen, Camille (2016) “Il n’y a qu’un pas entre la marche et la danse” (Maroussia Vossen): Dancing the Camera-Body-Eye in the City. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Lassken, Savannagh (2016) Persona Non Grata: A Theoretical Exploration of De-Roling in Drama Therapy. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Malo, Marie-Pier (2016) Creating Multiple Stories. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Matheson, Tristan (2016) Contagious Matters: The Social Constructs of Cancer Culture. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


O'Rourke, Patricia M. (2016) The Potential Role of Drama Therapy in the Prevention and Delay of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: A Bibliographical Research Paper. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Oldford, Belinda (2016) Living On The Land: Exploring Inuit Translocation A Visual Autoethnographic Experiment in Animated Database-Documentary. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Opolko, Christina (2016) Law 21, Drama Therapy and Professional Praxis in Quebec: A Phenomenological Case Study. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Petrella, Samantha (2016) It Runs in the Family: Finding a Way Out of the Cycle of Intergenerational Attachment Trauma Through Meaning-Making and Art Therapy. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Poirier, Marjorie (2016) The Concepts of Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Assigned Sex Within Drama Therapy: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Pomerleau, Janie (2016) Art-thérapie et troubles alimentaires : pour un modèle théorique d’intervention féministe en art-thérapie. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Power, Amanda (2016) Deepening the therapeutic understanding with young adolescents in art therapy through the creation of a visual book: An arts-based inquiry. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Russell, Stephanie Paula (2016) Showing up for the self: A heuristic study exploring the meaning of self-care through the lens of Drama Therapy. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Schmidt, Kathryn (2016) Developing Social-Emotional Reciprocity in Elementary Age Children on the Autism Spectrum through an Art Therapy Intervention Plan. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Singer, Marissa (2016) An Intergenerational Art Therapy Intervention Using Street Art To Foster Place Attachment. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Steuter-Martin, Charlotte (2016) Adam’s Body: Playing with Bulimia and body image with a trauma-informed, critical race feminist drama therapy lens. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Winn, Alicia (2016) Dyadic Movement-Based Drama Therapy with Children with ADHD/ODD and Their Caregivers. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

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