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Valverde, Raul and Saadé, Raafat G (2015) The Effect of E-Supply Chain Management Systems in the North American Electronic Manufacturing Services Industry. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 10 (1). pp. 79-98. ISSN ISSN 0718–1876

Avédissian, Arnaud and Valverde, Raul and Barrad, Sherif (2015) An Extension Proposition for the Agent-Based Language Modeling Ontology for the Representation of Supply Chain Integrated Business Processes. WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on BUSINESS and ECONOMICS, 12 . pp. 211-228.

Valverde, Raul and Cater-Steel, Aileen and Toleman, Mark and Shrestha, Anup (2014) Smart Tools for IT Service Management: A review of two decision support system projects. In: The fourth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship, 12-14 September 2014, Tulsa, OK, USA. (In Press)

Almadhoob, Amna and Valverde, Raul (2014) CYBERCRIME PREVENTION IN THE KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN VIA IT SECURITY AUDIT PLANS. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 65 (1). pp. 274-292. ISSN 1992-8645

Kraus, Cornelia and Valverde, Raul (2014) A DATA WAREHOUSE DESIGN FOR THE DETECTION OF FRAUD IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN BY USING THE BENFORD’S LAW. American Journal of Applied Sciences , 11 (9). pp. 1507-1518. ISSN 1546-9239

Moseley, Sue and Valverde, Raul (2014) A Cost Model for E-learning projects in the United Kingdom. International Journal of Digital Accounting Research, 14 . pp. 93-116. ISSN ISSN: 2340 - 5058

Condon, Conna and Valverde, Raul (2014) Increasing Critical Thinking in Web-Based Graduate Management Courses. Journal of Information Technology Education: Research, 13 . pp. 177-191. ISSN 1547-9714

Van Dalen, Gina and Horner Reich, Blaize and Babin, Ron and Chartier, Anne and Genoe McLaren, Patricia and Valverde, Raul and Drummond, Chris (2014) Growing the Business Technology Management (BTM) Program: Ensuring BTM Supply is Meeting Industry Demand. In: Annual Conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, May 10-13 2104, Muskoka, Canada.

Massa, Daniel and Valverde, Raul (2014) A Fraud Detection System Based on Anomaly Intrusion Detection Systems for E-Commerce Applications. Computer and Information Science, 7 (2). pp. 117-140. ISSN 1913-8989

Hubbard, Derek and Valverde, Raul (2014) Reducing Systems Implementation Failure: A conceptual Framework for the Improvement of Financial Systems Implementations within the Financial Services Industries. In: Modern Trends and Techniques in Computer Science. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 285 . Springer, pp. 189-202. ISBN 978-3-319-06739-1

Adoga, Inalegwu and Valverde, Raul (2014) AN RFID Based Supply Chain Inventory Management Solution for the Petroleum Development Industry: A Case Study for Shell Nigeria. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 62 (1). pp. 199-203. ISSN 1992-8645

Khan, Norman and Valverde, Raul (2014) The Use of RFID Based Supply Chain Systems in Data Centers for the Improvement of the Performance of Financial Institutions. Engineering Management Research, 3 (1). p24.

Felix, Fernando and Valverde, Raul (2014) An RFID Simulation for the Supply Chain Management of the UK Dental Industry. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 60 (2). pp. 390-400. ISSN 1992-8645

Valverde, Raul and Saadé, Raafat G and Talla, Malleswara Rao (2014) ITIL-Based IT Service Support Process Reengineering. Intelligent Decision Technologies, 8 (2). pp. 111-130. ISSN 1875-8843

Valverde, Raul and Talla, Malleswara Rao (2014) DSS Based IT Service Support Process Reengineering Using ITIL: A Case Study. In: Engineering and Management of IT-based Service Systems. Springer, pp. 35-65. ISBN 1868-4394

Talla, Malleswara and Valverde, Raul (2013) An Implementation of ITIL Guidelines for IT Support Process in a Service Organization. International Journal of Information and Electronics Engineering, 3 (3). pp. 334-341. ISSN 2010-3719

Valverde, Raul and Talla, Malleswara (2013) Risk Reduction of the Supply Chain Through Pooling Losses in Case of Bankruptcy of Suppliers Using the Black–Scholes–Merton Pricing Model. In: Some Recent Advances in Mathematics and Statistics. World Scientific, pp. 248-256.

Stephens, Juliette and Valverde, Raul (2013) Security of E-Procurement Transactions in Supply Chain Reengineering. Computer and Information Science, 6 (3). ISSN 1913-8989

Adioti, Adenle A. and Valverde, Raul (2013) Time-Driven Activity Based Costing for the Improvement of IT Service Operations. International Journal of Business and Management, 9 (1). ISSN 1833-3850

Grittner, Detlef Herbert and Valverde, Raul (2012) An Object-Oriented Supply Chain Simulation for Products with High Service Level Requirements in the Embedded Devices Industry. International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling, 4 (3-4). pp. 246-270. ISSN 1758-9401

Talla, Malleswara Rao and Valverde, Raul (2012) Data oriented and Process oriented Strategies for Legacy Information Systems Reengineering. ACEEE International Journal on Information Technology, 2 (1). pp. 47-51. ISSN 2158-0138

Talla, Malleswara and Valverde, Raul (2012) Component Replacement Strategies for Information Systems Reengineering. International Journal of Computer Applications, 37 (6). pp. 20-24. ISSN 0975-8887

Condon, Conna and Valverde, Raul (2012) Increasing Critical Thinking & Decreasing Plagiarism: A Discussion Questions Project. In: IBAM 20th Annual Conference 2012, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Valverde, Raul (2011) A Business Intelligence System for Risk Management in the Real Estate Industry. International Journal of Computer Applications , 27 (2). pp. 14-22. ISSN 978-93-80864-51-5

Rathore, Athul and Valverde, Raul (2011) An RFID Based E-commerce Solution for the Implementation of Secure Unattended Stores. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 2 (8). pp. 376-389. ISSN 2079-8407

van der Burg, Rob and Valverde, Raul (2011) A Study on the Maturity of Organisations in the Service Management Environment. International Journal of Business and Social Science , 2 (13). pp. 28-34.

Storey, Paul and Valverde, Raul (2011) Employing CORBA in the Mobile Telecommunications Sector and the Application of Component Oriented Programming Techniques. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences, 4 (12). pp. 163-173. ISSN 2079-8407

Nijburg, Ewart J.H and Valverde, Raul (2011) A Business Continuity Monitoring Model for Distributed Architectures: A Case Study. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, 1 (2). pp. 5-14. ISSN 2221-0997

MONSHOUWER, ERIK-JAN and Valverde, Raul (2011) Architecture for integration of point of sale terminals with financial institutions through web services. Journal of theoretical and applied information technology, 25 (1). pp. 10-27. ISSN 1992-8645

Valverde, Raul and Toleman, Mark and Cater-Steel, Aileen (2011) A method for comparing traditional and component-based models in information systems re-engineering. Information Systems and E-business Management, 9 (1). pp. 89-107. ISSN 1617-9854

Valverde, Raul (2010) An Adaptive Decision Support Station for Real Estate Portfolio Management. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 12 (2). pp. 84-86. ISSN 1992-8645

Valverde, Raul and Toleman, Mark (2007) Ontological evaluation of business models: Comparing traditional and component-based paradigms in information systems re-engineering. In: Ontologies. Integrated Series in Information Systems, 14 . Springer, US, pp. 49-77. ISBN 978-0-387-37019-4

Valverde, Raul and Talla, Malleswara Traditional Data Oriented versus Process Oriented Reengineering of Legacy Systems. In: Information Systems Reengineering for Modern Business Systems: ERP, Supply Chain and E-Commerce Management Solutions. IGI Global.

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