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Armstrong, John D., Grant, James W.A., Forsgren, Harvey L., Fausch, Kurt D., DeGraaf, Richard M., Fleming, Ian A., Prowse, Terry D. and Schlosser, Isaac J. (1998) The application of science to the management of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): integration across scales. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 55 (S1). pp. 303-311. ISSN 0706-652X

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Jonassohn, Kurt (1998) How I Came to the Study of Genocide.

Jonassohn, Kurt (1998) Precursors of Genocide: A Research Agenda.


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Zerges, William and Rochaix, Jean-David (1998) Low Density Membranes Are Associated with RNA-binding Proteins and Thylakoids in the Chloroplast of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. The Journal of Cell Biology, 140 (1). pp. 101-110. ISSN 00219525 (In Press)

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