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Abdelhamid, Mohamed (2022) Dependability Analysis Methodology for FPGA-Based UAV Communication Protocols using UPPAAL-SMC. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Abu Safieh, Bayan Fakhri (2022) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fatigue behavior for Marine Clays and Offshore Monopile-Clay System. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Ahmadi, Ali (2022) AI-Based Mode of Transportation and Destination Classification and Prediction in Origin-Destination Surveys. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Akhavannasab, Sanam, Dantas, Danilo, Sénécal, Sylvain and Grohmann, Bianca (2022) Consumer Power: Scale Development and Validation in Consumer – Firm Relationship. European Journal of Marketing, 56 (5). pp. 1337-1371. ISSN 0309-0566

Al-Makhadmeh, Mu'ath (2022) Comprehensive study of non-synoptic wind effects on buildings. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Alaszkiewicz, Paula (2022) The Labyrinth of Fashion Display: Exhibitions, Temporalities, and Visions of Modernity. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Allan, Jamie (2022) Constraints of background risk on space use and learning in Trinidadian guppies. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Andoh, Dominic Isaac (2022) Quantitative Trading in North American Power Markets. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Arbis, Ashley Marie (2022) Missing social sustainability: Planning “green condo-ism” in the Namur de la Savane sector in Montréal. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Ayari, Afifa (2022) A Study of Existing Professional Insertion Training Programs for Newly-Immigrated Teachers in the Québec School System. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Azar, Kamyar (2022) Hybrid Statistical, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Models for Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis in Condition-based Maintenance. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Aziz, Talha (2022) Who Helps the Helpers? A thematic enquiry into the organizational correlates of burnout through the lens of clinical psychologists in Quebec’s mental health teams. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Baghdadi, Ali (2022) Variational learning frameworks for generative models based on hierarchical Dirichlet and Pitman-Yor processes. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Bamba, Madiara (2022) An urban political ecology of flood control and population relocation in Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Bao, Amy Miyu (2022) Shame and the Scope of Moral Responsibility. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Batallán Burrowes, A.A, Olajide, O.J, Iasenza, I.A, Shams, W.M, Carter, F. and Chapman, C.A (2022) Dataset for Batallán Burrowes et al. (2022) Ovariectomy reduces cholinergic modulation of excitatory synaptic transmission in the rat entorhinal cortex. PLOS One. [Dataset] (Submitted)

Berrizbeitia, Francisco, Neugebauer, Tomasz ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9743-5910 and Camlot, Jason ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1378-6562 (2022) An Interactive AI-based approach to Semantic Annotations for Archival Metadata. In: 2022 LD4 Conference on Linked Data "Linking Global Knowledge", July 11th to July 15th, 2022, Virtual Conference.

Bezyan, Behrad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7941-2494 (2022) detection and diagnosis of multiple dependent faults in HVAC systems using machine learning techniques. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Bian, Jing, Zhou, Lin, Yang, Pengfei, Teng, Honghui and Ng, Hoi Dick ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8459-5990 (2022) A Reconstruction Method of Detonation Wave Surface Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Fuel, 315 . p. 123068. ISSN 0016-2361

Black-Rotchin, Sivan (2022) Gamifying High Variability Phonetic Training: The development of the FineTune app. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Bodea, Anamaria (2022) Exploring the Scope of Flow in a Language Learning Context: Redefining the Dimensions Based on Student Perspectives. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Bowie, Alison Jane (2022) (Re)presentions of the Anglophone Other: Dramaturgical Strategies of Resistance and Revisioning on the French-Canadian Stage 1910-1929. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Bowles, Emilie (2022) In Survival Mode: Adult Education Teachers’ Experience of COVID-19 and Their Use of Digital Technologies. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Brabant, Laurianne (2022) La dramathérapie et le théâtre de l’opprimé en soutien aux parents de jeunes trans et non binaires dans leur processus d’acceptation et d’accompagnement : un programme thérapeutique transaffirmatif. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Bughio, Myra (2022) The Role of Exemplar Animal Welfare Charities in Food Supply Chains: An Exploratory Study. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Buonomano, Cindy (2022) Toward Greener Syntheses of Pyrrole-Based Heteroaromatic Compounds using Palladium-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling Reactions. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


Camlot, Jason ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1378-6562, Neugebauer, Tomasz ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9743-5910, Berrizbeitia, Francisco, Ben, Joseph, Bustamante, Alexandre and Gandham, Sukesh (2022) Archive of the Digital Present (ADP), COVID-19 Period: Collecting and Visualizing Metadata of Online Literary Events Hosted in Canada, March 2020 - September 2021. In: DH2022: International Conference on Digital Humanities, 25-29 July 2022, Tokyo (Virtual Conference).

Cao, Becky Yi Wen (2022) The Visual Journal as A/r/tographic Inquiry: The Learning Processes Among Art Education Graduate Students Through Artmaking and Discussion Workshops. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Chase, KC (2022) Phenotypic Rescue of a Nonsense Mutation in TRAPPC11 using Translational Read-through Inducing Drugs. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Chui, Cynthia (2022) Advertising and Market Concentration: the Relationship in Canada-US Context. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Clarke, Shannon H. (2022) Applications of Effective Population Size in Conservation Biology Through an Experimental Study and Quantitative Review. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Cucuzzella, Carmela ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4677-8518, Goubran, Sherif ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2365-0351 and Nizar, Firdous ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4297-671X (2022) Interactive Digital Art as Didactic Agents in Space: The art of eco-nudging. In: The fourth edition of the Artem international conference on Organizational Creativity and Sustainability (ARTEM OCC), March 2022, At: Nancy, France. (Submitted)

Cuisinier, Emmanuel ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8630-5734 (2022) Spontaneous Heroism and the Intersubjective Nature of Sacrificial Selflessness in Merleau-Ponty. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


Dakour, Mohamad (2022) Multihazard Performance-Based Assessment of Multi-Storey Steel Braced Frame Buildings. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Dang, Thi Linh Phuong (2022) Am I Really Responsible for Compensating Underpaid Food Delivery Workers? A Study on Consumer Responsibilization and Emotions. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Davis, Hannah Bel (2022) The Things Maggie Made. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Dawson, Alexandra, Paeglis, Imants and Basu, Nilanjan (2022) Founder Teams and Firm Value in Young Public Firms: An Analysis of the Moderating Effect of Founders’ Ownership Power and Team Size. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 30 (2). pp. 232-251.

Dayanandan, Arun ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4254-2356 (2022) Effects of Elevated Predation Risk on Female Mate Selection and Maternal Effects in Trinidadian guppies. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Deep, Samar (2022) Hollow surface nano axial photonic cavities for microfluidic sensing. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Dennie, Danielle ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3771-2450 (2022) Your data’s showing: Implementing the new Tri-Agency research data management policy. In: Open Science @ Concordia, May 27, 2022, Montréal, Canada.

Dietz, Lorelei (2022) The Integral Role of the Therapeutic Relationship within a Neuroscience-Informed Approach to Music Therapy Practice: A Philosophical Inquiry. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Dong, Weixiao (2022) Millennials Motivation to Online and Offline Charitable Support on Social Media Platform: Using Aggregated Levels of Self-Determination Theory. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Douez, Danielle (2022) Getting Out of the Epistemic Way: A modest proposal for eco-liberation. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

da Costa, Stephanie (2022) A Support Group for Siblings of Children with Autism. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Ebrahimi Orimi, Hamid (2022) Development of a novel laser-induced side transfer process for bioprinting. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Edmonds, Leah (2022) Heidegger, Funerary Practices, and the Fourfold. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

El Bitar, Sandy (2022) Laughing in the Face of Stress: A Humour-based Group Drama Therapy Intervention to Improve Resilience for People in High-Stress Situations. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

El Haber, Elie ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5575-7671 (2022) Latency and Reliability Aware Edge Computation Offloading in 5G Networks. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

El Tannir, Lara (2022) New Realities: The Story of an International Art Education Student on the Frontline of COVID-19. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

ElBarkouky, Nada (2022) The Blindspot of Growth: A Deeper Look into the Mindset and Capabilities Required to Sustain Startup Momentum. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Elhoushy, Salah ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0962-8190 (2022) Cell-Free Massive MIMO: Challenges and Promising Solutions. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Esmaeilzehi, Alireza (2022) Development of Deep Learning Techniques for Image Super Resolution. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Etemad Zadeh, Ali (2022) Evaluation of Implementing Mining Wastewater in Closed-Loop Pressure Retarded Osmosis. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Fairbank, Viviane (2022) Deconstructing the Adoption Problem; Or, the Possibility of Logical Theory Choice. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Farbridge, Peter (2022) All things being equal: a performative inquiry. [Video] (Submitted)

Farbridge, Peter (2022) Postmarginality: Ethical Relationality of Theatre Rehearsal Practice. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Fong, Deanna and Shearer, Karis (2022) Gender, Affective Labour, and Community-Building Through Literary Audio Recordings. SPOKENWEBLOG .

Frank, Charlotte Esme (2022) Residual. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Fraser, Thomas (2022) Pension Fund City: Retirement, Real Estate, and Public Sector Labour. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Fukushima, Kazuteru (2022) Geometric Parameter Analysis of H-Darrieus Wind Turbines Based on 3D CFD. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Garneau-Lévesque, Jeanne (2022) Ce que nous avons perdu/What We Have Lost: Conceptualisation d’une installation immersive sur la notion de la perte de mémoire individuelle à travers la matérialité du livre. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Geith, Rana and Goubran, Sherif ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2365-0351 (2022) Creativity, Adaptability, Transition: Advancing Sustainable Development in the Built Environment through Transdisciplinary Architectural Design. In: The fourth edition of the Artem international conference on Organizational Creativity and Sustainability (ARTEM OCC), March 2022, Nancy, France. (Submitted)

Ghandour, Yasmine (2022) Teacher and Director Beliefs About Their Simultaneous Implementation of the Montessori Method and Quebec’s Educational Programme. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Gharaati, Sadaf ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4956-9068 (2022) Identification of the Most Important Factors Driving Watermain Failure. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Giffin, Meredith ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5662-2664 (2022) A Holistic Assessment of Spanish Gift Books. Library Resources & Technical Services, 66 (1). pp. 16-30. ISSN 21599610

Gillett, Molly-Claire ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8064-4273 (2022) Meaning and/in Materiality: Learning and Making in Irish Communities of Craft. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Goubran, Sherif ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2365-0351, Walker, Thomas, Cucuzzella, Carmela ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4677-8518 and Schwartz, Tyler (2022) LEED’s Contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In: International Conference on Sustainability: Developments and Innovations, Feb 2022, Riyadh, KSA. (Unpublished)

Grant, Kyle R. (2022) Mountains as Climate Change Refugia in the Tropical Dry Forests of Central India: Inference from Phylogenetic Diversity and Structure. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Griggs, Kendra (2022) Bargaining Power in City Development: A Case for Greater Community Representation and Advocacy. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Gunther, Brian (2022) Dual Training Effects of Bilingualism and Music on Auditory-Motor Integration. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Guntoori, Aditya (2022) Nāgārjuna’s No-Thesis View: A Defence of Bhāvaviveka’s Svātantrika Epistemology. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)


HABIBI, DAVID (2022) Earnings per share forecasts: linear and neural networks models. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Hadaeghnia, Milad ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1098-2285 (2022) DESIGN AND PREPARATION OF ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE GRAPHENE NANOCOMPOSITES BASED ON PA6/POE. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Harris, Rachel (2022) Book Review: Forms of Enchantment: Writings on Art and Artists by Marina Warner. Marvels & Tales, 36 (1). pp. 141-144. ISSN 1521-4281

Hayot-Sasson, Valerie ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4830-4535 (2022) Data management without reinstrumentation: How to speed up existing Big Data neuroimaging workflows. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Henchey, Angel-Rose (2022) STEM Experiences and Student Interest in Pursuing a Career in Engineering. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Henkel, Camille (2022) Slow Burn and Other Stories. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Holt, Cimminnee ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0379-6780 (2022) A Cabal of Outsiders: Negotiating the (Virtual) Boundaries of the Church of Satan. PhD thesis, Concordia University.


Hoq, Afazul Hoq (2022) X-ray sensitivity and resolution of hybrid perovskite X-ray imaging detectors. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Hossain, Dilshad (2022) Diffusion coefficient of charge carriers in disordered semiconductors retaining a combination of exponential and Gaussian mobility-gap states: application to amorphous selenium. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Hunter, Max (2022) Transgender Drag, Transgender Joy: A Non-Binary Approach to Creating Joy Through Drag Performance. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Ibrahim, Jude (2022) Group Art Therapy Program for Refugees in Museum Settings. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Ibrahim, Mohamed ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9689-0906 (2022) Enabling Millimeter Wave Communications for Use Cases of 5G and Beyond Networks. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Ilie, P (2022) Fatigue Crack Growth Life Assessment Using 3D Finite Element Analysis. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Jois, Prabhakara Subramanya ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1625-9493 (2022) Radiomics in Medical Imaging with Application to Surgical Innovation. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Jorjam, Shayan (2022) Stochastic Simulation of Construction Methods of Multi-purpose Utility Tunnels. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Joseph, Ben, Neugebauer, Tomasz ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9743-5910 and Mash, Cole (2022) The Bad Batch: Open Refine as a Batch Editing Method in SWALLOW. SPOKENWEBLOG .


Kadam, Karuna Dhananjai (2022) Application of Lean in High-Mix Low-Volume Production Systems: A Case Study in the Architectural Lighting Industry. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Kanaan, Yasmeen (2022) Camel Imagery in Pre-Islamic Wadi-Rum Rock Art: Translating Social Identity Through Material Traces. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Kazemimiraki, Ameneh (2022) A Lightweight Anomaly Detection Approach in Large Logs Using Generalizable Automata. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Khorasani zadeh, Zeinab (2022) A simulation-based framework to optimize occupant-centric controls given stochastic occupant behaviour. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

khazen, mohammadali (2022) Monitoring Workers on Construction Sites using Data Fusion of Real-Time Worker’s Location, Body Orientation, and Productivity State. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Landrigan-Buttle, Meaghan (2022) ‘Hell Is Waiting Where the Ocean Meets the Sand’: The Legacy of the Gallipoli Campaign in Ireland, 1915-2015. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Languein, Adela (2022) Combatting Visual Misinformation on Social Media: A Review of Strategies and Concepts. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Lapointe, Zachary (2022) Levinas, Euthanasia, and the Duality of the Moral Subject. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Law, Timothy ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5966-6323 (2022) Reducing Context-Dependency in Ecology: Environmental Variation Leads to Predictable Patterns of Species Associations Across Local Communities. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Le, Thao-Nguyen Nina (2022) Heritage Language Maintenance Through Political Shift: Vietnamese Montrealers’ Perceived Role of Language in Their Cultural Identity and Heritage Social Networks. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Leboeuf, Émilie (2022) La pensée binaire des sources normatives de la gestion de la diversité ethnoculturelle : le cas de la Loi sur la laïcité de l’État au Québec. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Leier, Elizabeth (2022) "Inevitable, Undesirable and Threatening": Uncovering State Representations of Climate Migrants in Canada and Australia. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Lewis, Jason Edward ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0130-8544, Abdilla, Angie, Arista, Noelani, Baker, Kaipulaumakaniolono, Benesiinaabandan, Scott, Brown, Michelle, Cheung, Melanie, Coleman, Meredith, Cordes, Ashley, Davison, Joel, Duncan, Kūpono, Garzon, Sergio, Harrell, D. Fox, Jones, Peter-Lucas, Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Kekuhi, Kelleher, Megan, Kite, Suzanne, Lagon, Olin, Leigh, Jason, Levesque, Maroussia, Mahelona, Keoni, Moses, Caleb, Nahuewai, Isaac ('Ika'aka), Noe, Kari, Olson, Danielle, Parker Jones, 'Ōiwi, Running Wolf, Caroline, Running Wolf, Michael, Silva, Marlee, Fragnito, Skawennati and Whaanga, Hēmi (2022) Kaʻina Hana ʻŌiwi a me ka Waihona ʻIke Hakuhia Pepa Kūlana. Discussion Paper. Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence Working Group and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Honolulu, HI.

Li, Yin ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9344-9821 (2022) Decomposition Approaches for Building Design Optimization. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Liczner, Christopher ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1741-0159 (2022) Development of Synthetic Methodologies to Prepare Oligonucleotide Conjugates and Exploration of their Properties for Applications in Biotechnology. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Luo, Lan (2022) Effect of Ballast Pockets on the Stability of Railway Embankments. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


MacDonald, Corina ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3347-1207 (2022) Imagining networked scholarly communication: self-archiving, academic labour, and the early internet. Internet Histories .

Massa, Lisa (2022) Negotiating Bella Figura: Inside the Childhood Homes of Six Second-Generation Italian-Canadian Women in Montreal. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

McInnes, Kelsi (2022) Being Métis: A music therapist’s experience of ancestry, spirituality and reconceptualization. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

McKelvey, Fenwck ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7584-1133 and Dandurand, Guillaume (2022) Algorithmic explanation in the news. (Unpublished)

McKelvey, Fenwck ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7584-1133 and Dandurand, Guillaume (2022) La portée explicative des algorithmes dans les médias. (Unpublished)

McRae, Curtis John (2022) Quietly, Loving Everyone: Early Stories. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

McSheffrey, Shannon ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5209-7399 (2022) The Legend of John Baptist Grimaldi: Sexual Comportment and Masculine Styles in Early Tudor London. In: Murray, Jacqueline, (ed.) Patriarchy, Honour, and Violence: Masculinities in Premodern Europe. Essays and Studies (57). Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Toronto, pp. 23-48. ISBN 9780772711441

Mendenhall, Grace (2022) So I Know it’s Real: an embodied understanding of performative authenticity. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mirabi, Melika (2022) Development of LC-HRMS Assay for the Measurement of 12 Mycotoxins in Urine. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Moghadamazad, Mehrshad (2022) A Comprehensive Heat Transfer Analysis for Thermoplastic Composites Made by Automated Fiber Placement Using Hot Gas Torch. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammadi Pour Khajani, Shayan (2022) a study on the feasibility of 3D micromachining and micro-molding using nanosecond laser. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Mohammadi, soufia (2022) Decentral Energy Recovery Potential of Black Water and Kitchen Refuse using Anaerobic Co-digestion in Eco-Districts. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Monro, Jonathan (2022) Does Canada Need Graduate Training for Musical Theatre Creators? Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Moradi, Vahid (2022) Application of Digital-Twin Technology for the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Morrissey, Stephen (2022) Starting out from Véhicule Art. SPOKENWEBLOG .


Navale, Reethu (2022) An Online Self-Assessment Feature for An Enhanced CrsMgr System. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Neapole, Carolyn (2022) A Music Therapist’s Exploration of Vocal Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing: A Heuristic Self-Inquiry. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Neugebauer, Tomasz ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9743-5910 and Lake, Sarah (2022) Connecting EPrints Repository Systems with the Archivematica Open Source Digital Preservation Workflow. In: 17th International Open Repositories Conference, 6-9 Jun 2022, Denver, Colorado, USA.


Okaf, Abdanaser ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3267-1944 (2022) Impact of Blockages on Mobile Users in 5G Millimeter-Wave Cellular Systems. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Olajide, Adeniyi (2022) Computational Investigation of Aqueous Droplets containing Environmentally Relevant Molecules. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Ouellette, Pierre-Marc (2022) 5 esquisses chorégraphiques. [Video] (Unpublished)

Ouellette, Pierre-Marc (2022) Corps dialectiques : recherche chorégraphique autour d’une esthétique de l’ambivalence. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Padros-Ross, Nathalie (2022) Exploratory Research: An Intergenerational Program in a CHSLD/RPA. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Panchal, Komal (2022) An Empirical Study of Runtime Files Attached to Crash Reports. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Parker, Robert (2022) The Shadow of the Bomber: Maurice Gamelin, Air Power and the Fall of France. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Petit Liang, Patricia (2022) Expressing Displeasure: A Casual Guide to Making Sims 4 Machinima During a Pandemic. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Peyman, Sareh (2022) Data modeling and simulation approaches for Urban Greenery Systems in the context of climate change. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Portaro, Rocco and Ng, Hoi Dick ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8459-5990 (2022) Design and Analysis: Servo-Tube-Powered Liquid Jet Injector for Drug Delivery Applications. Applied Sciences, 12 (14). p. 6920. ISSN 2076-3417

Puch, Laura, Weladji, Robert B., Holand, Øystein and Kumpula, Jouko (2022) The Content of Reindeer Male Vocalisations: Acoustic Cues to Age and Weight. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Rao, Ying (2022) Distributed Provisioning of 5G Service Requests. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Raymond, Matthew (2022) Attunement and Individuation: Existential Tonality In Heidegger's Being and Time. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Reinhardt Falk, Karla (2022) The Spirituality of Feasting: An Exercise in Practical Theology. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Ren, Zhebo ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9019-8660 (2022) Numerical modeling of thermally induced ground deformations around potential geothermal energy storage wells in northern Quebec. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Rezaeitamijani, Maryam (2022) Mature Fine Tailings Hydrocarbon Degradation and Biosurfactant Production Capacity by Indigenous Bacteria under an Anaerobic Environment. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Rodriguez Ayala, Lluvia Mara (2022) Sonorous Remnants of the Past: The Phonograph and the Making of Mexican Aural Modernity, 1878-1913. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Roy, Éva (2022) Working Towards Veteran-Friendly Curricula: A Soldier Artist’s Story. Masters thesis, Concordia University.


Saffarizadeh, Arian (2022) Whodunit: A Generative Model for Murder Mysteries as an Information Game. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Salehi, Mehdi (2022) An Analysis of Upgradeability, Oracles, and Stablecoins in the Ethereum Blockchain. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Salehpour, Benyamin ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3058-3409 (2022) Thermal mass and thermal bridging effects on transient thermal performance of walls and energy performance of office buildings. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sarang, Nima (2022) Road Extraction from High-Resolution Satellite Imagery using Deep Reinforcement Learning. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sardari, Morteza (2022) Essays on entrepreneurial actions in uncertain and resource-constrained situations. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Sattar, Sami (2022) A single-event transient tolerant optical receiver. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Saxena, Aprajita (2022) Perspectives of Indian Music Therapists on the State of Music Therapy as a Profession in Mumbai, India: A Narrative Inquiry. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Seguin, Eric (2022) Libertarian (Un-)Freedom Revisited: How Nozick Can Rescue Republicanism From The Problem Of Political Trust. [Graduate Projects (Non-thesis)] (Unpublished)

Sevdi, Ülfet (2022) Numbers Increase As We Count... a Practice-Led Research. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Shahfar, Shima (2022) Unsupervised Structure-Consistent Image-to-Image Translation. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Shirdastian, Hamid (2022) Three Essays on Big Data Analytics in Marketing. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Shoukry, Farah, Goubran, Sherif ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2365-0351 and Tarabieh, Khaled (2022) The Consequences of COVID-19 Instigated Recommendations for Indoor Air Quality: A Literature Review. In: EcoCity World Summit 2021 Satellite Conference-Cairo, February 24, 2022, Cairo. (Unpublished)

Sicotte, Vanessa (2022) Resistant Materiality in Interwar France: Charlotte Perriand’s Feminine Manifesto Embedded within the Table basse manifeste pour Jean-Richard Bloch (1937). Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sihra, Jasmine (2022) Melting Glaciers and Rising Seas: Indigenous Digital Art in the Arctic and Pacific Islands. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sikder, Nasmoon Amin (2022) Identifying Perceived Deception in Online Consumer Reviews. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Sikender, Fauzia (2022) The Main Types of Work Integrated Learning Programs, its Key Features, and its Stakeholders’ Responsibilities. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Silvestri, Alessandro Silvano (2022) “It is hasheesh that makes both the Syrian and the Saxon Oriental”: Foreign Drugs, Savage Youth, and the Imperial and Eugenic Imperatives of the Early War on Drugs, 1870-1937. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

Smiley, Cherry (2022) Not Sacred, Not Squaws: Indigenous Feminism Redefined. PhD thesis, Concordia University.

Soligon, Clara, Dover, Geoffrey C., Mihalik, Jason P., Kiefer, Adam, Sinnott, Aaron and Powell, Jacob R. (2022) The Role of Visual Sensory Performance Outcomes in Concussions: Impact on Concussed Special Operations Forces Combat Soldiers and Possible Implications for the Future of Sports-Related Concussions. Masters thesis, Concordia University.

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